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Remember as kids we played Mario and Contra and games like these on our small consoles. Then came the age of internet and subsequently games online that opened up a crazy world of online games to people. The gaming industry has leapt from one level to another in a relatively short span of time. There were those regular consoles back then and later came the Xbox and Play stations and then online multiplayer games and it has never stopped ever since!

Fun-Filled Games and Action

5 Star Games understands the need of the youth when they hop online for some gaming action. They are looking for difficult games to challenge the mind or frivolous games just to kill time. Sometimes they play alone with the computer; sometimes there is a death match with a friend. Sometimes you just want to challenge all those online to your gaming prowess.

Everybody's Welcome!

There is something for every gamer on 5 star games. Girls and kids can find online games suiting their taste while the guys can find their action, adventure, arcade games. When you are looking for some 2 player action, just select a game from the 2 player action gaming option and you and your friends are all set for some challenge online!

Convenience Unlimited!

The online games are the video games that one plays over a computer network. The latest technology in the gaming world also facilitates that a consoles can be easily connected to the internet and you can play some online multiplayer games while being connected to the internet via the consoles. The reason that has led to a surge in the online gaming is because of the way internet network has expanded exponentially and covers homes, offices, shops, restaurants etc. All one needs is an active internet connection and the world of internet gaming opens up for them.

Thrills and Excitement Abound!

What makes online gaming so popular is that they offer great game plays and graphics that engage the player in a life like scenario. You are actually moving ahead in a story and have to be do all it takes to keep moving and not die. The thrill of being on the edge has transformed the way people saw online gaming and has now become a full fledge industry where more and more people are joining the gaming world not just as a way of killing time but to also play other challenging games and online tournaments. The online gaming industry has no doubt come a very long way from the Mario days.

Cross Platform Gaming!

The 5 star games also allow cross platform gaming, i.e. its members can also play online multiplayer games with the ones who are connected through their consoles. This is the biggest addition to their website as they will now be able to provide an interface between the two gaming modes. The online games mainly run on flash player or java based which has made the games to become more complex and challenging from the normal pixel versions of games we were used to playing on our age old consoles.

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Jade Finch

5 star games are the best gaming site ever. I and my friend play so many 2 player games. Their collection is just awesome! I'm glad that they have taken this unique initiative of providing such outstanding collection of online games.

Samuel Stanley

5 star games have some of the finest collection of online games. I can spend hours playing without getting bored. I would like to recommend this gaming site to anybody who wants to enjoy and get some refreshment with a good game!

Skye Lynch
Gas Depot

They arrange some of the best online multiplayer tournaments. 5 Star games always offer fun and excitement, that exceeds my expectations. I just love participating in their multiplayer games! I have already reached mastery levels in a few games, and I will continue with the same zeal.